The Novel.

September 16, 2013






There are two types of people…

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im the ipad one

im both

this is seriously one of my faves

There's something special about the connection you make with a novel. Something amazing about being able to travel to a completely different world without leaving your bedroom. One of my favourite things to do is to curl up with a good book. Ever since I was little reading has been a huge passion of mine and I love to read more than anything. My books are the way I travel and escape because I've never left Australia and books enable you see the mean streets of New York without leaving the safety of your bedroom. I want to travel so badly and for the meantime my books are going to have to do. 

That's the thing about reading though, for me it's never a thing that I 'have to do.' You read because you want to, you read because you can, you read because you love it. Whether you enjoy a thriller novel, with murder around every corner or just the casual gay fanfiction on wattpad it doesn't matter as long as you are taking the time to read, to fall into the lives of these characters. To walk around their head, know their ambitions and desires, their hopes and dreams. That's something special about a novel, it gives you the ability to live the life of someone else, even though it's only for a short amount of time, it gives you an escape.  

I personally prefer to have a hard copy book in my hands. You can run your fingers over the pages, seeing the journey of the book, whether it be tear stains, tea stains and even the rare chocolate stain a book can tell you so much. You can see the damage to the cover from too many journies in the school bag. Where you can count the pages to the end and even skip forward to make sure your favourite character doesn't die. 

I used to believe that new books with no creases or crinkles were the most beautiful kinds of books, until someone told me that once of the saddest thing's they have to do as a librarian is to throw out the books that were never borrowed, still as new as they were when they were published. So now I believe the most beautiful books, like the most beautiful souls have some permanent damage and carry some baggage with them as they travel through their lifetime. 

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