The 12th Doctor

August 05, 2013

Today ladies and gentleman has been an extroidinary day.Yes that's right, the 5th of August or 4th depending on where you live will go down in history. It is  the day that Australians woke up at 4am, myself included, eagerly chatting to their friends five minutes before. Begging the current show to finish, to discover the latest thing, the shiny new toy. 

Today was the day the 12th Doctor was announced. I still have some mixed feelings about this guy, many people are shocked and disappointed, but I'm trying to stay positive. Let's not judge this guy till we can see what he can do. When the series re-started back in 2005 I missed Christopher (9th Doctor) and gradually began to watch David (10th Doctor) with my family. 10 was my Doctor, everyone has one and 10 was mine, every week we sat and watched, excited for the events to come! The adventures of 10 and Rose, 10 and Martha, 10 and Donna, 10 and Captain Jack. My favourite episode being 'The Girl in the Fireplace.' David Tennant was brilliant and when he left I was angry and sad and refused to watch Doctor Who, I had such negative feelings towards Matt (11th Doctor). Gradually I was convinved, so I tuned in at the 2012 Christmas Special, to see what this guy could do and you know what he was brilliant. 

To all 8 of the past Doctors: Thank you for introducing Doctor Who, each of you are brilliant and have done marvelous things for the BBC. I congratulate all of you for you amazing jobs and one day I will watch all of you. So thank you for introducing the amazing journeys of a man and his blue box.

To Christopher: Your job was one of the hardest, bringing back Doctor Who for a modern audience. You were a dark edgy Doctor who had so much to offer, with sass and charm, so I thank you. After watching your series you made me fall in love with Doctor Who again after leaving due to the arrival of Matt. Thank you for bringing it to a modern audience.

To David: Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you. You are my Doctor, my favourite Doctor. With style and brilliance and of course the fabulous hair. It makes me smile so much that you were a fan of Doctor Who growing up. Congratulations on living your dream and for setting such a big standard for future Doctors. Thank you for the adventures, the laughs and for being Scottish. You are a wonderful actor and I'm so sorry you left Doctor Who, your presence will forever be remembered. The suits and converse, the glasses, the emotion, the sonic screwdriver, the laughs, the pain and overall the brilliance of 10 will never be forgotten and for that I thank you. For introducing me to Doctor Who and I am so excited to see you in the 50th Anniversary.

To Matt: I am so happy you became the Doctor, you did wonderful things for Doctor Who and for anything I ever said, Matt I am truly sorry. You had big shoes to fill, and you did it. You were the true essence of the Doctor and for that I thank you, for the laughs, the tears and the joy that you have given to Whovians, I am truly sad that you will be leaving, but I wish you the best of luck and all future endevours. One last hurrah to the drunk giraffe.

To Peter: Good luck and I am so excited for what is to come, the costumes, the companions, the adventures. Ignore any criticism and show them what you can do. Let's see the essence of 12. 12 is my lucky number and I want it to be done well. Try not to swear too much and make sure you are best friends with Clara. So Peter, congratulations and I wish you the best of luck for the seasons to come.

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