Life on 35mm #1

October 16, 2017

Like records or flared pants, film has well and truly made a come back. As per usual I was pretty late to the bandwagon, but earlier in the year when I started a new job in my boss urged me to start shooting some film, as having an understanding of how film works and how to edit film is really important to my job. So here we are, a couple months and a couple of rolls of film later and I'm finally getting around to sharing some of my film photos.

Let's just say I have fallen in love with film.  I love the colours, I love the nostalgia and I love the idea that you only get one chance to get something right. Anyone who knows me knows how much I love capturing moments and how nostalgic I get going through old photographs. I love digital photography and I adore creating images with my big camera, but there's something about shooting on film that really hits home. I don't know whether it's because I genuinely think it just looks cool (lol) or that you genuinely have to think about your composition and what you want your shot to look like. I kind of like that you don't have a lot of control over the outcome of your shots and I love the feeling when you get a fresh roll of film back from the lab.

By creating these little series, it's not only giving me an excuse to procrastinate my Uni work (and most of my other responsibilities) but I'm really excited to start sharing some of my favourite snaps and I hope you all enjoy this little series.


SO this first roll was shot on a cheeky little Kodak disposable, which remind me of school camps and excursions. This first post is probably the shortest so far as I wasn't 100% happy with my composition of a  lot of the images. Most of the shots were created as I was shooting for a submission to my Uni's student publication: Grapeshot. Two of my images, which I haven't shared were printed and published in the September issue and to be honest I was pretty damn STOKED. There is also one other random photo (that my finger is in - lol) from my cruise to New Zealand at the start of the year.

I hope you enjoy, annnnnnd don't forget to keep your eyes peeled for the next roll of my life on 35mm.

All images shot by me. 

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