The Small Square of Paper

October 20, 2013

So whilst cleaning my room today I discovered something, it was only a small piece of torn paper but it was the remains of a Friday night. This tiny square with the image of a can of soft drink on it was a witness, a souvenier and the keeper of my Friday night, along with the many photos, depicting the lovely faces of those blinded by the flash of his camera.  

Though it was only a drink token which I didn't even end up using, it made me think of the events of that night. Whether it be the terrible DJ, the even worse dance moves, the tired and sore feet (that might I add are still a little sore) or even just the fact that everyone looked so lovely all dressed up and having fun. 

Was this drink token witness to some acts that were regretted immensely the next morning. It may be a strange thing to think about but when you find concert tickets from that show or even a reciept from when you bought that purse you cannot deny that inanimate objects have a way of retaining memories. I guess that's why people keep treaure boxes and time capsules, to keep the memories from a better time. So they can look over this tiny bits of rubbish and tell their grandchildren about that time when that happened.

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