A Night to Remember?

November 07, 2013

Two weeks ago on an average Saturday, well not an average Saturday, an extraordinary Saturday. Myself and many others were able to experience the most amazing concert. It was the One Direction concert. After much anticipation and counting down, the day was finally here, girls all over Australia were able to mark 'Concert Day' off their calendars, many of which had been counting down since '500 days to go'. Looking back now, I feel guilty that my eyes were not glued to the stage the entire time but sometimes you can't help but stare at the crowd, thousands of white lights and the entire audience dancing in sync.

The opening act, 5 Seconds of Summer were brilliant. They were completely different to what I had expected from them and it was a perfect way to get the crowd ready for the concert. During the break there was some dancing to the macarena and it's such a cultural contrast to see the same song played only a few days later in Japan and the crowd being completely silent. 

To be brutally honest it was the most amazing concert I have ever been to. Whether it was because I was surrounded  by my friends or because every moment felt like a dream. It is the most amazing feeling singing along to the songs which you know off-by-heart and hearing your voice become one in a million (not exactly sure how many people were there). To feel like you truly belong and can scream at the absolute top of your lungs because you know there will be judgement, perhaps from the mums around us but that's about it. 

My post-concert depression still hasn't set it, which is slightly concerning, but I guess even from the moment I got there to the last song and they disappeared from the stage, making my heart ache, it felt like a dream. They were not really there, were they? Though some parts of me are still in denial, the 200+ photos on my camera roll and the 10 videos say otherwise. 

These boys are honestly so amazing and if you are lucky enough to get the chance to go, grab it with both hands and do not, I repeat do not let go. It was honestly such an amazing night and even now I look back and laugh at how; after the show all our voices sounded like chipmunks, cringe at the off-key singing which have been captured in the videos taken by my phone, ignore the fact that in one part I did get a bit teary and honestly try and comprehend that it did happen. I am still trying to piece together the memories of that night and store them somewhere, permanently. 

No judgement until you attend a concert, and excuse the terrible quality of the photos from my phone. 

images taken by me on an iPhone 4.

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