July 30, 2014

So, it's that time of year in Australia where everyone is coughing, sneezing and spluttering all over the place, so me thinking I'm the incredibly smart person I am was being so incredibly cautious with my hygiene and my health overall as my trial exams for my HSC year were coming up. 

But you know what? 
No matter how careful I was, I have come down with a nasty stomach bug meaning I have been bed-ridden and have been told that I am not able to attend my exams until next week, meaning for the ones I missed I will unfortunately not be able to retake them. Which for me is frustrating in itself because it not only means I have worked hard all term for nothing but that I will be receiving estimated makes. 

So whilst trying to nurse myself back to health I have been spending far too much time on the internet, which is usually fairly frequent as I am an internet addict. So instead of wasting my time aimlessly scrolling through tumblr I decided I might as well make a blog post about absolutely nothing (which is what I usually do anyway so I hope this is okay). 

For anyone out there who is sick, you have my deepest sympathies and I hope we can all get over this little bump and can continue on, ready for next week. 


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