A Younger Woman.

November 01, 2014

"Love is spiritual. It's about self-sacrifice and commitment. And discipline. You cannot have true love without discipline and respect. When you loose the respect of your spouse, you'be lost everything." - Carrie Bradshaw (Candice Bushnell, The Carrie Diaries)

So this is just another quick picture post because I'm still trying to catch up with my regular posting, but here's an appreciation post of the beautiful Anna Sophia Robb who played a young Carrie Bradshaw in the Carrie Diaries. I love and adore the Carrie Diaries and miss the show so much, I am still obsessed with Sex and the City but I really love how approachable this show was for a younger audience. The narrative voice of Carrie inspires me more and more to write and to live my life. I also am obsessed with the beautiful colours and style that is 80s fashion, and one of the major bonus' is that the soundtrack is all popular music hits from the 80s and I really love 80s music so the soundtrack of this show is a definite bonus (I have searched everywhere for a CD or somewhere where I can buy the soundtrack).

I hope you enjoy! 


note: I do not own any of these images. 

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