BOOK REVIEW: Girl Online

December 07, 2014

"Every time you post something online, you have a choice. You can make people happy or you can take away their happiness. Just a thought." - Zoe Sugg 

So I just finished Zoe Sugg (Zoella)'s first novel 'Girl Online' and honestly it is fast becoming one of my favourite books. First off, I am so proud of Zoe, she has done such amazing things and I really think she is one of the most inspiration ladies. She has stayed so humble through everything that has happened to her and deserves all the success that she has achieved, I am happy to support her through everything she has done and will continue to do because I can't think of someone who has worked so hard for so long and achieved such incredible things. 

I have always been inspired by Zoe, whether it be through her YouTube channel, her fashion sense, her blog or just the general way in which she carries herself, she is definitely one of my role models. I have idolised her for a long time now and her blog is one of the reasons why I decided I wanted to start one of my own. I was going so well with my blogging and then after the HSC I just stopped and I wasn't inspired to write, I felt pressured and I just wasn't enjoying it. Then whilst browsing the Internet one night I came across this trailer: 

After watching this I wrote 'Blogging Hiatus,' even a tiny glimpse into the novel inspired me to write more and get back to one of my favourite past times. After having a pretty crappy day on Thursday I found myself in my local Bookshop and noticed that Girl Online was currently ranked number four. I had planned to wait till Christmas but after so much disappointment in one day (it's a long store) I decided that I needed a treat, so I picked up a copy of Girl Online. 

{Spoiler Warning}

I honestly could not put this book down, I spent the whole of today reading it and have had it in my handbag all of Friday and Saturday desperate for a chance to keep reading it. This book inspired me so much to blog and to even just be myself. It reminded me that it's okay to get nervous or anxious and that being a clutz is completely normal. It showed me that public embarrassment is not just something that just I am constantly plagued with.  

So Girl Online is the story of 15 year old Penny who runs an anonymous blog online where she blogs about everything and anything. Everything in her life is pretty average until one day her mum gets an opportunity through work to take their entire family to New York (which is one of my dream places to go and anything set in New York because 1000x more appealing to me). In New York Penny makes a heap of new friends including Noah (ooohhhh mysterious) and learns to let go of the awful and toxic parts of her life.  

I honestly loved Girl Online from start to finish and I would definitely recommend picking up a copy, not just because you are supporting Team Internet and Zoe, but because it really is an amazing book! 

If you have picked up a copy, what did you think? 


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