Stripes, Stripes and STRIPES.

December 10, 2014

"Fashion is not something that exists in dresses only. Fashion is in the sky, in the street, fashion has to do with ideas, the way we live, what is happening." - Coco Chanel

So lately a current obsession of mine has been stripes, when I walk into any shop lately I am naturally just drawn to anything that has stripes. Over the past month and a bit I picked up these three pieces that I am absolutely loving and adoring.

Striped Tube Dress - Myer Miss Shop - $30.00 (AU)
This dress I wore to two of my friends 18th, with a natural face and eye look and a bright red lip. I really love the way this dress hugs your figure at the chest and hips area. It has think black stripes, which don't really show up that well in photos, but I think looks super cute in real life and could easily be dressed up or worn more casually. As it was a backyard party that I wore it to, I paired it with plain black thongs (flip flops), but here the model has worn it with black booties, so I guess you could pair it with anything.

Striped Crop Top - Jay Jays - $15.00 (AU)
The second piece I have picked up recently is this navy and white striped top. I usually wear this top with blue denim shorts, black shorts or blue/black jeans. When I went to the counter at Jay Jays the woman serving me said I could grab another top so it was basically buy one get one free, so I grabbed a plain grey skirt of the same style. I try to wear this shirt for casual occasions as I don't really think it's that dressy and I really love the style. I got a Medium instead of a small so it would sit like it does on the model, barely showing any skin so it's not really what I call a crop top. The material is also really soft and wearable so I was really happy with these purchases!

Striped Crop Top 'Pocket Tee'  - Sportsgirl -  $24.95 (AU)
This is another 'crop top,' but again I got the larger size so it doesn't seem to be as cropped. This top was a bit pricier, but as many Aussies know Sportsgirl isn't as cheap as it once used to be, so it was a lot more expensive then the deal I got at Jay Jays. Again I wear this shirt quite casually with skinny jeans or denim shorts, both blue denim and black. The material again with this top is very soft and easy to wear, it's also a bit different because the stripes at the top are quite thick and get thinner under where your collar bones would sit. The pocket also gives this top a different vibe to the dress and the other plain striped top.

Are you as obsessed with stripes as I am, or what trends are you loving this summer? 


image, and other images are from the websites listed. 

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