Rainy Days.

April 20, 2015

"Tears shed for another person are not a sign of weakness. They are a sign of a pure heart." - Jose N Harris

Today has been an awful day for so many people, and not just in the fact that it's been pouring rain. On days like this, the weather is speaking the words that so many people can't

I don't want to write about something that had nothing to do with me personally, but when something like this happens it shakes you. It makes you question everything. Whether you knew the person personally or you just know their friends and family, it's still such a scary and awful thing to happen.

When something like this happens those affected feel a sense of emptiness, because they have lost a piece of their lives. They have lost a small fragment of the puzzle that makes a person who they are.

People deal with this loss in so many different ways. Some use it to their advantage, and use such tragic events for their own personal gain. Others tend to lash out and become filled with rage and anger. They take out their pain and frustration on those who love them. And the most common is shutting yourself off. Locking all the doors and refusing to make contact with the outside world, because you know it will hurt too much.

People deal with loss in such different ways, and it's hard to be there for the ones that we love, but we have to try. No matter how hard they push away, we have to stay strong. We have to keep sending those happy vibes into the world and be there for those who need us, even in their darkest moments. Sometimes just knowing someone is there, is all that a person needs.

I don't know why it happened or what I can do to make it okay, I do know that another angel has returned to heaven and my thoughts and prayers are with those who need it. I'm always here, rain or shine, night or day. I promise I'm always here for those who need me.



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