Hand Cream?

April 13, 2015

"I wonder what will happen if I put hand cream on my feet, will they get confused and start clapping?" - Ellen DeGeneres

Ladies I've discovered a secret! I have had this hand cream for the longest time, and I have such a love hate relationship with hand cream as I go through so many phases with it. Sometimes I love it and I am fully committed to putting it on my hands everyday and other times I don't use it for weeks. This hand cream smells like Pomegranate's and makes your hands so soft and smell so nice, sometimes I just find myself putting it on, just to smell my hands.

I unfortunately do not know the brand of this or where you can get it, as I received it as a gift. All I know is that it says "Keep Clean and Cream" and I am dreading the day when I run out!

A quick tip is to keep your hand cream on your beside table, so after you put your book down at night just pop it on your hands, turn off your light and go to sleep! When you wake up your hands will be hydrated, soft and smell incredible. 

I was playing with the focus on my camera so I hope you enjoy these little pictures and ignore my watch tan!


Photos are all my own, taken on my Canon 1200D. 

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