People Always Leave.

September 21, 2014

"Is it me? Am I the reason people always leave? Am I the reason all these things keep happening to me? Maybe I'm just destined to be alone." 
One Tree Hill - Peyton Sawyer

One of the most relatable, strongest and admirable characters I have ever come across is One Tree Hill's Peyton Sawyer, played by Hilarie Burton. Until I started watching this show, I had never found someone who I had been through so much and who was so incredibly strong, even though Peyton leaves the show I will always remember her strength, loyalty and overall ability to overcome anything that was thrown at her.

The picture above is one of the artworks that Peyton did, she uses her artwork to express herself and this one depicts one of her mottos; "people always leave" and for me, this is one of the reasons why Peyton is so relatable, because when I take time to reflect on my life, it is true, people always leave. This motto is one of the reasons why Peyton is so strong, she thought that because so many people had left that she had only herself to rely on and this strength is something that I really admire, it reminds me of my own strength. It reminds me of everything that I have gone through in my life and the fact that I have always come out on top.

When discussing this idea with my friend Nicole she said "people don't actually leave Peyton, they just leave. You can't control people, sometimes they just leave and it has nothing to do with you". Even though this is very true, there is always that little voice inside your head that tells you "it was you, you drove them away" and no matter what you do, sometimes the little voice is louder than the one telling you that it was a long time ago and that things have changed since then, even if that voice is screaming at the top of its lungs.

Some days are darker than others, and on those dark days you have to remember the special things that made a good day good. The moments when someone greets you unexpectedly at a party, or when you receive a lot of compliments about a new hairstyle. There is always something good to find in each day and you have to find something that inspires you.

Another character once said that "every dancer knows that being technically perfect isn't enough. We need to know we we dance. For me it's to be connected. I'm inspired by my friends." Even though I'm not a dancer this quote really hits hard to home because the people around me really do inspire me, in every aspect of my life and I am so thankful that I have these people around me who haven't left. The people like Brooke, Haley, Nathan and Lucas who didn't leave.

Sure sometimes people leave, but you know, sometimes they stay.



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