Burnt Toast.

October 02, 2014

[Another odd post inspired by something odd]

So for my family the smell of burn toast is ridiculously common as my brother and dad prefer their toast very well done. So our house often reeks of burn toast, and when I was outside reading my book I realised that people outside my house people can smell BURNT TOAST. 
Before I began to think how this could inspire a blog post all I could think was oh my god people must think we are literally crazy. We have a mad dog that barks at every man, woman and child who walks past our house and it smells of burnt toast. You know that episode of 'How I Met Your Mother' where Ted says "If you can't see the crazy person on the bus, then you're the crazy person on the bus." Does this mean my house is the crazy house? I'm praying that there is someone whose house is crazier than ours because otherwise OUR HOUSE IS THE CRAZY HOUSE and I cannot take anymore chaos in my life, let alone people thinking we're the crazy house with the mad dog and the constant smell of burning toast.

Besides freaking out about my house I began to think that it's really odd it is that each of our homes are different, each of us was raised differently and each of us will pass on different things for our own families in the future. I know you're thinking yes Lauren my house has hardwood floors and your house has tiles, but I don't mean the literal things that make our houses different I mean the things that make my own family different from yours and the different things we all do because of our families. Like the fact that in my house we always have chicken on a Wednesday night because mum can bring a BBQ one and salad home from the supermarket or on Sunday nights it's what Nicole describes as 'egg night' but basically have bacon and eggs or find your own dinner night. 

My family has had such an influence on how I look, but how I speak and overall carry myself as a person, but we as individuals, are influenced by so many different things. We are made who we are today because of our parents, grandparents, siblings, friends, colleagues and even our acquaintances. 
If you didn't meet that friend then you might not have that quirky habit that no one understands but the two of you. If your parents didn't raise you to brush your teeth before breakfast then you might brush after. It is honestly one of the oddest things to think about, how every little thing can impact our lives. 

I personally am I watch wearer and I get very anxious and upset when my watch isn't with me, now this may be due to the fact that I feel the need to count down how much longer is left in class or to cover up the pure white watch tan which I have developed form wearing a watch every day for the past 8 years, but there a little quirky things like this that make us individual.

So today's thoughts are more on embracing the little things that make you, YOU! Don't ever feel the need to hide your little quirky habits and share them with the world because you never know who might have the same habits as you!



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