October 23, 2014

"Music expresses that which cannot be put into words and that which cannot remain silent." - Victor Hugo

So a couple blog posts ago I mentioned that I recently purchased Ed Sheeran's album: Multiply. I know I am a bit late to jump on this band wagon, but this album has made the last couple of weeks a lot more bearable. 

This album, like most of Ed's music is able to speak to people on such a different level and his music is so relaxing and peaceful. I used to only listen to music that was very go go go with a beat  and that you can dance to, but both this and the Winterbourne album (plus Nicole) has made me appreciate the beauty of quiet music. 

If you haven't just take a listen to the album and then go buy it because the music is just too good and I have actually been listening to it in bed at night and I have found I'm actually sleeping a lot better, is that weird? That Ed Sheeran's music is he long me get to sleep at night. 

But overall a killer album and 10/10 would recommend taking a minute (you really need more) to appreciate good music, to understand the power of music and the power of people.

Ed Sheeran: 


image, taken by me on my iPhone 4.

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  1. Yes, this album is the absolute best <3

    1. It has literally been on repeat for so so long!! I wish I had bought it earlier tbh BECAUSE ITS JUST TOOOOOO GOOD!!!!!