October 10, 2014

"The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page." - Augustine of Hippo

Wanderlust is defined as the 'strong desire to travel' and just say wanderlust was an illness or disease than man oh man have I got it bad. I actually think my case is life threatening, if I'm completely honest with you.

Travelling is something I want to do more than anything of the world. The furthest I have ever been from home is still inside Australia and sometimes it really makes me mad. It makes me mad that there are people who get to travel, or who have been born overseas and I know there are always pros and cons like all my relatives live here and what not but I would still love to have an excuse like that to travel. I know this is stupid and selfish but it's true, I'm trying to be honest on this blog and sometimes the little whiney girl inside me comes out who asks why some people have got to see the world and she hasn't.

For me, that's one of those moments when I have to reign myself in and remind myself that the people I'm jealous of are my friends, family or even people who I look up to and the fact that they personally had nothing to do with the lack of travelling which I have done and that to be the best version of myself I must be happy. I'm happy for myself and the opportunities that I have been given. I'm happy for those who have the chance to travel and the chance to live their dreams. I'm happy that one day my time will come and I'll get to live my dreams, because I truly do believe that good things not only come to those who wait, but good things come to those who work hard, and if that's all it takes, then that's what I'll keep doing.

As I wait, I have a nasty habit where I start to write goals and lists of everything I want to do, which means my life somewhat lacks the element of spontaneity which is so sought after, but keeping lists and making goals for myself allows me to remind myself every day of my goals, dreams and aspirations. Dreams like, travelling the world.

I want to go everywhere. Every single continent, at least and then some more. I am so determined to travel. I want to see all the corners of the world, I want to make memories, I want to capture those memories and I want to live a life where I have no regrets. I want to be able to not only tell my grandchildren everything I did but I want to show them. I want to sit in an old armchair by the fire with a blanket on my lap and flick through photo albums pointing out to the amazing places I travelled and the even more amazing people I met. I want to watch videos of all the things I did and most of all I want to tick off anything remotely possible on my bucket list.

We always have goals and dreams for ourselves and one of my major goals is to live without regrets, every time I'm scared to do something I just have to tell myself that if I don't, I will regret it. I have too many regrets as is and I refuse to add to this list. 

We must live our lives as though every day is our last. We must not only have faith in ourselves but faith in our futures and good things will come. Send some happy vibes into the world and they'll find their way back to you someday. 


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