Once Upon A Time.

October 08, 2014

"You were right. It was an impossible battle, which is why I had to fight it." - Prince James (Prince Charming)

So I have a ridiculously addictive personality, if I start something I get hooked and I can't stop. So my previous obsession was the TV show One Tree Hill and since I finished that I've been on the hunt for a new show, I began to go through the list of all the shows I want to watch and realised I was incredibly far behind on Once Upon A Time and with the gifs all over tumblr of the Frozen episode I decided to start re-watching it, as a little gift for myself, two to three episodes a day during my breaks. 

Once Upon A Time is (spoiler alert) a combination between a modern world and the traditional fairy tales we all know and love. It explores the story of Emma Swan who we later find out is (MASSIVE SPOILERS PLEASE DO NOT READ) the daughter of Snow White and Prince Charming, also know as Mary Margaret Blanchard and David Nolan. 

The fairy tale world has been cursed by the Evil Queen and they have all been sent to our world, cursed to live here. One of the most serious aspects of the curse means that they have forgotten their fairy tale (real) selves and are cursed to live without their loved ones forever. They have all been given different identities and somewhat false memories of lives which they have not lived. The show constantly switches between the fairy tale world and our own to reveal the back stories and explanations of the characters and the transitions between the two worlds are excellent, the names and professions of their real live selfs is often quite ironic when you think about it, adding a level of humour to the show. To defeat the curse it was prophesied that the child of Snow and Charming was to save them all, so Charming and Snow send their daughter, Emma, who becomes our heroine and main character, to the human world and on her 28th Birthday she is destined to save them all, I however, have already revealed enough so I will let you learn more about Emma and her destiny. 

It's such a wonderful TV show and it is right up my alley as I am completely obsessed with movies or TV shows that bring Fairy Tales to a modern world or mix the classics with our twenty-first century world, and for me Once Upon A Time does this so well. 
I definitely recommend this show if you are a fan of fairy tales or even just classic stories of true love, crime, mystery, drama or even sometimes horror this show has it all. 

So join the tales of the Storybrook Township and rediscover the fairy tales we all know and love because this show is so incredibly good, and remember good will always triumph over evil.


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