Something to Think About.

October 15, 2014

"It's a little video, it's a little video, it's a little video about twins." - Jack Harries

Please check out this video by Jacksgap, it is one of the truest, honest and most accurate videos I have ever seen about YouTube and the way YouTube and even internet culture is perceived. 

As usual Jack and Finn put their individual spin on it and make the topic completely their own. These boys put so much effort into their videos and if you have or haven't please check out their series called 'The Rickshaw Run,' these are a serious of videos which the boys created to document their journey, as they traveled across India in Tuk Tuks. Throughout these videos, I was laughing, crying and overall thankful that they had taken cameras and recorded their experiences. 

The way they edit and film their videos shows how talented they are and their creativity never ceases to amaze me.
They are able to tell their stories in such individual ways and really do grab their cameras and the opportunities that YouTube has given them with both hands. 

Please give these boys some love (I'll leave their links below) and please watch this video, and if you feel so inclined 'The Rickshaw Run' series because I guarantee you will not regret it. Also I think it's really important (optional) to take a moment to really think about what  they're saying, because I don't know about you but their video really got me thinking about YouTube and internet culture in general. Their 'Rickshaw Run' videos also allowed you to think about people in other cultures and I know their is so much more to the message of the series but I really enjoyed the fact that it allowed me to see such a beautiful country, and for someone who wants to travel more than anything, this was a wonderful gift. 

I definitely think you should check out their videos, I know you'll enjoy them. 

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